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Welcome to the new IBLUES Corporation. We have been in business since December 1999. With the experience that comes with years of servicing the South Florida companies and US Companies, we have decided to streamline the services we offer, to better reflect our current expertise.

In Addition to streamlining the services, we have been concentrating in the past few years in Human-Computer Interaction and Human-Machine Interaction. This is why we have two separate departments. The first department, true to our origins, it is our customized software development services. The second department is Automation Engineering. Please visit our service page for more information.

We hope that IBLUES Corporation, a Florida-Based corporation, keeps providing great services to our clients, addressing their needs with our expertise. To our current clients, we will keep supporting the services you have been receiving.

We are still making changes to our site. Please call us at 1-305-305-6391 or email us at fortega at iblues.cc. For more information about my research, please visit www.franciscoraulortega.com